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Etiquette Within Aikido

Retsurei - Standing Bow
Always respect the Dojo by performing a standing bow when entering, or leaving the practice area towards the Kamiza / Head of the mat.

Rei - Formal Bow
Kneeling bow of thanks must be performed at the beginning and end of the class. Twice to the Kamiza, for thanks to the founder and the Dojo / Practice area, and once towards the Sensei / Instructor, who in turn returns his thanks by bowing back.

Sensei / Instructor
Respect the instructor by asking permission for assistance, or for permission to enter or leave the mat, remember to perform standing Retsurei Bow when doing so.

Have respect for your partner by performing the standing Retsurei Bow before commencing or ending training in Aikido. Do not enter into contests of strength, or compete with your training partner as injury will occur. Train in a relaxed, vibrant manner, but do not be casual or flippant in your attitude. Welcome newcomers, and help those who are less knowledgeable than you. We all have something to learn, and to pass on what we know helps others progress. This was O'Sensei's wish. We were all once beginners!